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How to get a quote


Each translation project is unique, so I will give you a quote based on your specific project.  If the project appears to be outside my realm of expertise or is too large for me at the time, I will likely be able to refer you to a reputable colleague.

Basic Rate: $.15 - $.18 per word of source text

Notarization fee: $25

Minimum fee per project: $85


In order to give you an accurate quote I will need the following:

  • A copy of the document you need translated. This can be a hard copy (No originals, please), fax or an electronic file.
  • Deadline
  • Your contact information

Once we have discussed the project and you have decided to hire me, I will provide you with the agreed upon terms and writing. When I receive confirmation from you, in writing, I will complete work.

I can accept payments by personal check, Paypal or cash.


Phone: (510)388-3521

Fax (510)704-8501

Email : translation@micheleminsuk.com