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I was raised on both the east and west coast in an English speaking household. Our family lived for a time in Europe where my exposure to foreign languages began. Starting at the end of my primary education I was immersed in a multicultural and multilingual world. While in high school I studied French. It was not until I embarked on an independent voyage that I found my true passion: Spanish. After years of studying French I landed in, of all places, Madrid. The French did serve me well, as I had the opportunity to meet and talk to people from many countries on my trip. However, by the time my travels ended, my goal was clear. I would return to the U.S. and study Spanish in order to return to Spain and Latin America with a firm grasp on the language of these cultures that fascinate me.

My studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz armed me with a solid base in linguistic theory as well as fluency in Spanish. My junior year was spent abroad in Granada, Spain, where I refined my language skills through university level courses in history, culture and literature as well as Portuguese language. The following summer I enrolled in an intensive Portuguese language course at the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

Once I had earned my Bachelor's degree, I began to search for employment. I started  what I assumed would be a career in education teaching English as a foreign language in San Francisco at Language Pacific and at Kaplan Educational Center. I also held the positions of Center Manager and International Student Advisor for Kaplan. I helped manage the centers in Palo Alto and San Francisco and was asked to assist with the implementation of a foreign student program at the Seattle Center.

One fateful evening while returning home from work on public transportation, I saw an ad for a program in Legal and Court Interpreting. Out of curiosity, I attended an informational session and was convinced that not only would I enjoy such a career, I had the necessary qualities of an interpreter and translator. For the next two years I studied and practiced, earning a certificate in Legal and Court Interpreting. During that period I also interpreted in numerous settings  as diverse as medical examinations and business conferences. I have also spent time traveling in Mexico independently, in part for leisure and in part to become more familiar with Mexican idiomatic speech. For a time I worked as a bilingual paralegal assistant at Park and Taylor, a San Francisco immigration law firm where a major portion of my time was spent translating legal documents and personal statements.

While in Spain I met my husband, Rachid, whose family resides in Spain and Morocco. We live in San Leandro, CA, across the bay from San Francisco with our two young daughters. We travel regularly to Spain and Morocco to visit family and friends.